Age and sex characteristics

Tables 4,6 and 7 present the age groups and sex of the new individual patients/clients seen in 1997/98. The trends in the age and sex characteristics in the period 1992/93 and 1997/98 are shown in Table 5. A summary of the trend is shown in Charts 3 and 4 below.

Age profile

  • As in previous years, the most common age group, accounting for nearly one third of individuals (32 per cent), is 2024 years; the 2529 age group accounts for a further 28 per cent
  • Fifteen per cent of individuals reported to the Database are under 20 years of age.


Sex profile

  • The overall gender profile of individuals attending services and reported to the Database has been consistent over each of the last five years: in 1997/98 70 per cent were male and 30 per cent were female.


Ethnic origin

Table 8 presents information about the ethnic origin of the patients/clients attending services. Of the 8099 individuals whose ethnic origin was recorded in 1997/98, less than 1 per cent (30 individuals) were from an ethnic minority.

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