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Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland 2010

Description Welcome to the 2010 edition of Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland - An annual compendium
presenting the latest available information from a range of national data sources relevant
to drug misuse. Data sources include the Scottish Drug Misuse Database, hospital statistics, blood-borne viruses, drug-related deaths, drug-related offences and court proceedings and prison statistics.

Correction of Error
An error in the Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland 2011 publication has been uncovered in Table A1.38.  The impact is that the figures reported for the number of new individual patients/clients by ‘Daily spend on heroin’ and ‘Daily spend on cocaine’ between 2006/07 - 2009/10 were incorrectly reported with identical breakdowns by amount spent. 
Please note Table A1.38 has now been corrected in both the full PDF report and the corresponding excel document.  This revision does not affect the overall interpretation or conclusions to be drawn from the data.
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Date Published
14th December 2010
Paper Publication There are no paper versions of this publication available, the PDF version is printable and the majority of pages are A4 but a few of the larger tables will print in A3.

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Drug Misuse Statistics Scotland 2010 PDF format: [4MB]

EXCEL Data Tables

In addition the data tables from the chapters are also available to be downloaded in excel format.

A Services and treatment for drug misuse
A1 Scottish Drug Misuse Database [Excel 667kb]
A2 Prescriptions [Excel 83kb]

B Health impact of drug misuse
B1 Hospital Discharges [Excel 130kb]
B2 Psychiatric hospital discharges [Excel 87kb]
B3 Information from General Practice [Excel 79kb]
B4 Maternity and neonatal discharges [Excel 84kb]
B5 Blood borne viruses [Excel 89kb]
B6 Drug-related deaths [Excel 101kb]

C Criminal justice and social harm
C1 Offences and court proceedings [Excel 153kb]
C2 Crimnal Justice and Social Work interventions [Excel 71 kb]
C3 Drug misuse and treatment in Scottish Prisons [Excel 81kb]
C4 Social harm in neighbourhoods [Excel 54kb]

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